Monday, 1 April 2013

PAPAGO! M11 Navigation For Android (ID)


•Intelligent Search Function 
•Simple, User Friendly Interface 
•Fast Route Calculation 
•Comprehensive Map Data 
•No need to Connect to Internet (Wi-Fi/3G) 
•Automatic and Free Map Download


•Multi Navigation Mode: 2D/3D/Split Screen 
•Road Elevation Display 
•Inside Tunnel Simulation
•Portrait/Landscape Dual Mode Support 
•Auto Zooming the Map by Speed
•Day and Night Map Mode 
•Speed Camera Alarm
•Built-in 3D Buildings


•Built-in 3D landmarks 
•Junction Views (realistic view of motorway interchanges and exits)

Installation :
1. Download PAPAGO! M11 - Here / Here / Here
2. Connect your phone to computer.
*Copy (NaviM11ID) folder to your device internal storage (for android version GingerBread 2.1/2.2/2.3)
*Copy (NaviM11ID) folder to your External SDCard (for Android version ICS 4.0.3 and Above 4.1)
3. Disconnect your phone. 
4. Install Papago! M11. (can be found inside NaviM11ID folder)
5. Download Malaysia Maps - Here
6. Extract downloaded files.
7. Delete R51_SSC.hdr
8. Connect your phone to computer.
8. Copy the whole contents of Malaysia Map from Auto Demo to Standard_VGA to \NaviM11ID\Maps\Indonesia_1203

Screenshot :

Tips :
Use GPS TEST apps to lock sattelite faster.


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