Saturday, 3 November 2012

Tutorial : Sygic GPS Navigation v12.1.3 Cracked

1. Download and install Sygic v12.1.3 from Google Play.

2. Choose Start Trial

 3. Wait till the download progress finish. (Wifi recommended)

 4. Choose your country map or any map you want. Wait till finish.

 5. Continue. Done. and exit Sygic app.

6. Using MyFile or any other explorer, rename folder Sygic to Sygics

 7. Uninstall your sygic.

8. Download Sygic_12.1.3.CK.apk here.
9. Copy to your SD card and install. (Do not open/run sygic yet!)

10. Rename Sygics back to Sygic (Back to original name).
11. Now you can enjoy Full version of Sygic v12.1.3


Current location

Happy Navigate! :)


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