Tuesday, 8 January 2013

GPS : Papago M9 for Android. Full version.

Installing the application :
1. Download Papago M9 Here or Here
2. Extract downloaded file until you get 'NaviSEA' folder.
3. Connect your phone to computer and copy NaviSEA folder directly to your phone storage. DON'T create new folder for it.
4. Disconnect your phone from computer.
5. Use any file manager from your phone (My File, Astro, ES File Explorer), Navigate to NaviSEA folder and find Navitotal! M9SEA.apk. Install. Do Not start your Papago M9.

Installing the maps :
1. Download Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei's map Here or Here.
(Latest map : 5 December 2012)
2. Extract downloaded map file to MFM-PPG-X8-X9-121205 folder.
3. Connect your phone to computer.
4. Copy MFM-PPG-X8-X9-121205 folder into Maps folder. Maps folder can be found inside NaviSEA folder.
(X:/NaviSEA/Maps where X is your Phone Drive).
5. Disconnect your phone from computer.
6. Run Papago M9 for android.

 System Status
 Latest Map : 5 December 2012
 Nearby POI
AES detector ready.

Tips :
Before start using Papago M9, Use GPS Test (free download from Play Store) to lock your satellite signal faster! Wait untill you got the colorful bar.
GPS test

Working 100%. Tested on my Samsung Galaxy Note N7000.


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